Happy July 4th!

To all my American Blogging Friends and readers of my Blog



I know over in the US at the moment there are extreme days of heat and the wild fires but hope the day goes well.
Over here we have rain, rain and more rain!  So far we have had to cancel today, hopefully run it in a fortnight, the Duck Race as the brook which runs through the Village is so high and running so fast it would not be safe.  The Wild, Wet & Wacky games set for tomorrow for the teenagers is postponed as well, until a fortnights time hopefully.
We have also decided to move everything off the park and onto the Village Hall car park as the ground is saturated, and if you have vehicles going onto the park they will sink!
The weather forecast is not good for the rest of the week.  At the moment there is heavy rain but it is warm, which actually makes it worse!
We are still Blog Hopping for the Red, White & Blue Hop and these are the ladies hosting today :
July 4th
So hop on over and say hello.
Eldest, Girlfriend, Youngest, myself and Treacle all did the Carnival Treasure Hunt last night, yes we all got wet, not we didn’t get all the clues and we didn’t win!!  Treacle enjoyed her walk though!!!  That said I think she is too tired to do her Wednesday Wag today, so will be back next week.
Susie x

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