Hopping All Over The World

Hop To It!

July 3rd

Teresa in Music City

Here are a list of those hosting today’s Red, White & Blue Blog Hop.
Yesterday was a complete washout and we had to cancel the dog show!  Mainly because of the safety of the dogs, children and adults, the platform where they show the dogs off is a metal farm trailer and we were worried about the dogs and children slipping, especially as a lot were puppies; all legs and paws!
We did go round and let everyone know who had triumphed in the Scarecrow competition and gave the runner ups a little gift of a packet of flower seeds.
Tonight should be the Village Treasure Hunt which will go ahead, but I think everyone is going to be very soggy!
Sometimes I long to be in a country that when you arrange something in summer you know the weather is going to be great, so you don’t have to cancel or dress like its the middle of winter!
Sorry moan over!!!
Here are the Scarecrows that the Judges thought best, although they were all inventive!
The Winner – “The Little Eaton Scarecrow”

Second Prize – “The Tin Man”

Joint Third – “The High Jump”

Joint Third – “Mario”
 They were all amazing and it was a hard job for the Judges.  
I have to catch up on work today, all I did yesterday was get ready for the dog show and then spend a couple of hours cancelling it!  Oh well, I can cheer up later with some blog hopping.
Susie x

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