That Friday Feeling

After yesterday’s storms things have calmed down a little round here and it is now cooler.  Last night it was still very humid and I had the swimming run.  As you can imagine the pool was like a sauna.  Not bad for the kids in costumes but for all of us sat around waiting for them!  I think I must have lost about three pounds just sitting there!
Two Days To Go!!!!
Don’t forget the Red, White & Blue Blog Hop begins on July 1st so Hop over to Jane’s Fabrics and Quilts to see the schedule for each day. Or by clicking on the link to the left will take you there too.

Now I have another confession!  Usually I don’t have the sound on my computer, especially working all day, I cannot stand all the bleeping!!!  Well I copied the above button from Jane’s site and my sound is on today (must be the Boys!!!) and there is music with it!!!!!!  So if, like me you don’t have your sound on, put it on; its great!!!!!!
I am Hopping on July 14th!  There is a small tutorial and a Giveaway!
Also July 1st sees the start of our Carnival.  Posting may be a little haphazard next week but I will try and keep up!
Sunday is Crowning of the Carnival Queen and picnic on the park and the Scarecrow Judging, which I organised.  Monday is Junior Football and the Dog Show so we are keeping everything crossed for the weather!!!!!

Our garden during the storm yesterday

Looking out at the front.

This rain was pounding down

The road flooding and we are on a hill!
The photographs don’t really convey how bad the storm was yesterday!  It was so dark all our lights were on and it was still dark and the thunder and lightning and rain was unbelievable!  The Boys school got a direct lightning strike and all their power went out!
Today is also quite windy!  This is summer here!!!!!!
Hope you have a lovely weekend, there will be no quilting done for the next week as it will be manic here!
Susie x

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  1. Nancy

    You certainly have been getting some frightening storms. My area needs moisture, but I think I'd pass on your storms. ;oD

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