A Pathwork of Things!

It’s Thursday today and another busy day here, not only work to do but house things to do as well!  This post is a little bit of everything, just like a quilt!
My very good friend, Jayne, gave me, for my birthday, a gift card and this is what I bought with it :
I Haven’t read them yet, I am saving them for when I have time!
This morning, early, I went out into the garden and took these pictures of the flowers.  It is starting to fill out, although the slugs and snails have already eaten my seeds which had just begun to grow!  
My cottage garden starting to fill out.

The Honeysuckle surrounded by flowers.
 I took these pictures later on.  Treacle’s nemesis!  I just have to make sure that Treacle doesn’t land in the flowers when she is trying to chase the squirrel!
On the lookout for Treacle!

Escape!  This was through the window of our Den, which is why there is a slight glare!
Have a Thrilling Thursday.
Susie x

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