The Wednesday Wag

Just look what happens when your back is turned!  I went out this morning and stayed out as it was a nice day, not sunny but still warm, and I just came back in for a drink and look what Mom has done now!!!!!!
And where I am supposed to sleep?  Is Mom’s bed free I wonder?!!!!!
 My basket is being used as a store while she works.  Her desk was messy and she needed room to work, so Mom has moved all her quilting stuff into my basket!  
It has been busy round here for the last few days, Mom has been sorting all the entries out for the Dog Show and getting the route for the Scarecrow judging done and writing lists so she doesn’t forget anything, except the list.
I need to get myself tidy for Monday as I am in the Dog Show.  The Boys have entered me for Adult Dog Category 3 – 6 Years Old, Best Young Handler 12 and above (Youngest is doing that with me), Most Ear-Ristible Ears (they really are beautiful you know!) and Best Wag.  When I have a tennis ball in my mouth my tail is like a helicopter!
The next week is going to be very busy and I suspect they will all be in and out during the day and the evening, but that’s okay I get to play on all the beds, especially if its hot.  It will be soon time for me to go to the hairdressers!
Hope you have a Wonderful Wednesday.
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