My Quilting Gift from The Boys

Isn’t he cute?
In all the rush I forgot to show you the other small gift the Boys bought me for my Birthday!
Every year there is a competition at Quilt Club and last year was a Toy.  Anyway at the Quilt Show at the beginning of June some of the Toys were for sale, to raise funds for the Club and DH bought me this one.  I love elephants and as a child Dumbo was one of my favourite films and this one looks like Dumbo!
I had only been out of hospital a week when it was the meeting for the competition so I didn’t get my toy completed.  It was all cut out and it was going to be a pig but I will finish it hopefully sometime!
Lots of work to do today and trying to catch up on the laundry tonight.  Sunday sees the start of Carnival with Crowning Sunday and Picnic on the Park, we are all keeping our fingers crossed that the weather is good.  On Saturday I have to bake most of the day for the Dog Show on Monday evening for the refreshments!  SO I don’t want it to be too warm on Saturday!  Never satisfied!
I have another post which I will try and get done later of what we did on Saturday!
Susie x

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