Monday Over With!

I think I will get this engraved and put up!  It is definitely my excuse this week!
 After the hectic previous few days today was supposed to be a sort out for work and home!
Not so, I took our winter double duvet and the Boys single winter duvets for professional washing at the end of last month.  They all went away together and were supposed to be back last week.  I went in and only a single one was back.  I was assured that today the others would be back.  In I duly go, the double is back!  I am still awaiting the last single one!
I had two other errands to run, the post office and the copier place and then I remembered I had to got to the bookstore as my good friend Jayne, her daughter Emily had been in hospital for an emergency operation.  She is now out and on the mend but I wanted to get her some books to stave off the boredom of being in bed.  
I called round to see her and she looked quite pale but getting better.  These are the friends who are also moving from the Village and they have now sold, so hopefully will be on the move soon.
I then had to call at another friend’s house in the village but they were out!  Eldest had a late session for one of his classes, so I have been coming in and out of our home like a yo yo and Treacle has given up coming to the door when I come in.  The last time she just raised her head up off her basket, looked at me and then went back to sleep!!!!
Tomorrow I have to catch up on all the work I did not do today and still tidy the house!
Quilting, you ask!  What quilting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Susie x

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  1. Karen O

    This sounds familiar! I never seem to accomplish what I want to on my weekends or evenings when I am not at work.

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