What A Whirlwind!

It has been an hectic few days here.  The Boys and DH treated me to a day at the spa for my birthday and I had the best time ever.  Because I did not do anything all day except lay around reading my book!!!
They then took me out for a great Chinese meal in the evening, so I was thoroughly spoilt and I loved every minute of it.
Yesterday saw DH and I heading to Ponds Forge in Sheffield to see our swimmer, Molly Renshaw, try and get into the Olympic team for 200m Breaststroke.  Sad to say but unfortunately she did not make the time required which was 2:26.89.  She did the 200m in 2:27.72 so just missed out.  Now although there is a spot left for the Breaststroke event at 200m, the British Swimming Team will not be taking anyone as Molly just missed out this time!
Molly Renshaw
Molly preparing to Swim
 Britain appears to be the only Country which has two qualifying rounds (all the other Countries have one), if we only had one then Molly would have qualified in March.  None of us can see the sense of this and representations have been made to the Swimming Team selectors but I don’t think she will be allowed to go.  However because of her swim yesterday she did get a Gold Medal and is National Champion.
Today DH and I have been in Nottingham getting my Jeep MOT done and seeing one of his Aunts and doing a little bit of shopping!
The weather has been atrocious all day, really since yesterday and although yesterday was the Longest Day the weather is making it feel like November!
We had to be at the swimming pool yesterday by 6.30am for the Heats and the finals were run in the evening, we then went to our Swimming Club meeting last night so did not get home until 10.00pm.  As you can imagine we are both shattered!
Again we had to be up early and at the garage at 8.00am so another early start.  We also have a very busy weekend ahead so I think by Monday I will be asleep in the corner somewhere!
No quilting done, although I did collect my quilt after the show a couple of weeks ago.  I am trying to finish Treacle’s quilt!
Happy Weekend and Quilting.
Susie x

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