I didn’t Mean to Moan!

This would be Youngest if I asked him to sell my patchwork things!!!!!!  Love this Picture!!!
This would be Eldest; In fact I think I have a few actual pictures like this!!!!!
Today was not meant to be a moan as my previous post, but it just made me annoyed that I was missing from the Followers of the blogs I read!  Especially when I don’t understand why it happened!!!!!
I was going to write today about the great fun I have had over the last few days looking around blog land for ideas and tips about creating patchwork things to sellAs you know it is Carnival in our Village soon and in the Village Hall on the main Carnival Day there are craft stalls, where people pay for a table to sell their homemade wares.
Obviously I don’t have anything for this year but am going to spend between now and next year putting things together so that I will be able to have a Table next year.  Obviously because I am so busy on the Day normally I will have to persuade someone else to run it for me!  
Now do you think Eldest or Youngest would be the best???????????????????
If you have Boys you will know why I am splitting my sides thinking of either them selling pin cushions, needle cases and anything else I can think of to make patchworky!!!!!!!!!
Anyway I have spent enough time looking round blog land, I had better finish Treacle’s quilt or else she will be moaning again!
Susie x

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