Confession Time

I have a confession to make!  With regard to my TV Viewing!
Now some of you know, who read my blog, I love Sci Fi.  So Stargate, Star Trek (all of them), Star Wars anything really set in the future or space.    I also loved and still do, The X-Files.  
Recently I have been watching a mixture of programmes.  We all love A Town Called Eureka and Warehouse 13, Eldest and I have been watching Alcatraz.  I have been watching Grimm (I really like this new program). Also Sanctuary and all the CSIs’.
Desperate Housewives has just finished and I really liked it.  I loved how many murders were committed by the Wives and they got away with it!
We also love Ice Road Truckers, IRT Deadliest Roads and Pawn Stars. I also love Bones and have read all of Kathy Reichs Books. 
However my most favourite at the moment is Hart of Dixie!  I just love the characters, especially Lemon Breeland.  Although a modern day setting, it has all the wonders of old South.  So this has now replaced Desperate Housewives. 
What I want to know is that when there is a good programme why do the studio bosses not renew it, just because it doesn’t get fantastic ratings?  They are not renewing Alcatraz but it really was good and Eureka is finishing despite the stories still being good!  

Anyway I would love to hear about your favourite programmes.  

Happy Monday

Susie x

1 thought on “Confession Time

  1. Kathy Felsted Usher

    We dropped our satellite tv. It was full of shows we didn't like and everything new was a reality show. Instead we used the regular antenna to get our local stations, which in St Louis, MO, has several channels and subchannels. Then we got a Roku (operates by wireless internet) for the tv and subscribed to Hulu Plus and Netflix. Hundreds and hundreds of shows and movies available. I love Sci Fi and the selection is pretty good.

    I like Top Gear (British version only), sci fi like Star Trek, Total Recall 2070, etc. Plus all the old shows like Dennis the Menace, Lucy, Green Acres and the like. We've not missed cable/satellite yet!

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