A Tour Round Our Garden

The start of my cottage garden bed.  The white stuff is gravel and shale to stop the slugs and snails!

Our little veg bed with lettuce and tomatoes growing.

Treacle’s lookout spot, she can see quite a bit from the top of the steps!

The top of the garden and our deck

Looking towards the house from the top of the garden

Right at the top of the garden.

The patio and my wisteria over the pond.
DH and I have been getting the garden into shape after its winter hibernation.  Fortunately we have had a few weekends where the weather has been okay to get out and do the jobs.  
It is like the cleaning, I hate starting it but when the job is done I am really pleased I did it.  We have had to cut down some of the bushes and tidy quite a few up, but it is better than pulling weeds!
Here are a few pictures of what it looks like now.  We still have some work to do but hopefully over the next few weeks we can finish it.  Then it will just be keeping it like it!!!!!
Happy Thursday and Quilting.  (Treacle’s quilt is now being quilted)
Susie x

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