The Wednesday Wag

Here I am with my tennis ball at Christmas.
Close-up of Three Tennis Balls Photographic Print
Heaven for me is new tennis balls ready to play with!
Life here is back to normal, The Boys are back at school so it is just me and Mom during the day.  That’s okay but she spends all day working, I hardly manage to sneak onto the computer!
Mom has been watching the tennis over the last two weeks and this week the grass court season started, now I watch it not to see the tennis players but for the tennis balls.  I love tennis balls, they are my most favourite toy out of all the toys I have.  
I get really silly when I have one and will not give it up, until I lose them in the garden.  Dad then finds them all when he is mowing the lawn.  At the last count he found eight!  I was in trouble as they keep buying them and I keep losing them and then they get all mushy in the rain!
It is raining here today so my walk was cut short, Mom didn’t want to get too wet, don’t blame her, as neither did I.
Happy Wednesday!
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