Harry Potter Magic

Dumbledore in The Great Hall

The Puddings for one of the feasts in the Great Hall

Chocolate Bunnies

Harry’s Bed

All of us in the Mirror of Erised

The Boys in front of Dumbledore’s Office – they are having a good time, honest!

The Potions Classroom

The animal actors.

That car, with the Hogwarts Bridge in the background.

Dobby and the Monster Book of Monsters

Diagon Alley – Amazing

The Hogwarts Castle day

The Hogwarts Castle night

J K Rowlings final words
Friday last DH, The Boys and I headed down to the Warner Brothers studios in Leavesden on the outskirts of London to tour the studios where the Harry Potter films were made.
Unlike Harry Potter World in Orlando, Florida the studios are not a ride but in fact all the sets where the actors made the films.  There are two huge film lots called “J” and “K”!  In the first there are all the sets, including The Great Hall, the cupboard under the stairs, the Boys dormitory, Gryffindor common room and much, much more.  The second lot has all the special effects and props and one or two amazing features.  
Eldest had grown up with Harry Potter and we read all the books together and then went to all the films.  I got to read all the books again with Youngest and see all the films with him too.  When he was little and Eldest was going on about Harry Potter, Youngest couldn’t say the name properly so it came out as “Har Potter”!!!!!  They both had a terrific time, as did DH and I, spending three hours the studios.  I can highly recommend it.  You have to pre-book the tickets and it would be worth getting there for the opening time of 10.00am.  
Here are a few pictures.
Susie x

One thought on “Harry Potter Magic

  1. Patty

    Love the Harry Potter books and films. Would love to visit the place where the movies were made. Looks like great fun!
    I just finished up the Hunger Games series, they were a good read too, haven't seen the movie yet though.


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