Wednesday Wag on Thursday!

What do you mean, I’ve got to come and help paint?
 I missed doing my post!  How could I?  It has been a very busy weekend here, paint, paint, paint.  Don’t get your tail on the paint!  Don’t lie down next to the wall its wet!  Don’t come in here, there is paint everywhere!  I was so tired after all the hard work I have done!
I am so glad they have finished painting.  
The weather was not good so I could not be outside so I was confined to Youngest’s room, not that he was in (he was at Scout Camp).  Eldest was at the Girlfriends so it was me and them!  I did get an extra few treats to make up, still!
My leg is getting better so hopefully I will be back to longer walks.  My quilt was also put on hold over the weekend so hopefully Mom will now get back to finishing it, can’t wait.  
I was out on the Monday evening and there were lots of fireworks going off and a huge bonfire, something about sixty years but it went over my ears!
Mom says Happy Thursday and Quilting.
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