Jubilee Tuesday

The Queen at the end of the Jubilee Concert

Buckingham Palace & The Mall lit up

The fireworks behind Buckingham Palace

The Palace in all its glory.

The End of the Event in Style.

The Village Beacon just beginning.
Hi Everyone, the Jubilee celebrations have been wonderful and The Queen has looked fantastic at every event.  We hope that The Duke of Edinburgh gets better soon.  
We have been watching all the events whilst getting our kitchen, laundry and den painted and I am glad to say it is finished! Yeah!!!  It looks fresh and clean, we have painted the walls and ceilings white (not very exciting but these rooms get the summer sun all day so white is a good choice).  Speaking of the weather it is now raining heavily again and quite cold.  My winter duvet has gone away for cleaning but I wish it hadn’t!!!
DH is back at work tomorrow and the Boys are off for half term this week so it is going to be a quiet week.  Friday we are off to see the Harry Potter studios where the films were made and Youngest cannot wait.  When we were in the US in 2010 the Harry Potter World was not open (in fact it opened later that year) and he was so disappointed, so we decided to take them to this in the UK.  We know some people who have been already and have said it was great, so hopefully we can take some pictures and I will share when we get back. 
The pictures today look as if we were down in London but we weren’t they are from the TV!! They turned out well though!  Our village hosted one of the Beacon Bonfires and it was still going this morning!  It was a great weekend and we are very proud to be British!

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