Quilt Show

I Love this Owl & Pussycat quilt

Workshops completed at the group.

I love this small lap quilt

Thirty Years worth of scraps for this lovely quilt

The quilts draped over the backs of the pews

A Lovely Christmas Quilt

This is called The Quilter’s Village


A Lovely bed quilt by Kate

I love this quilt for the design and the colours.

This is my favourite out of all of them.

More pews looking towards the back of the Church.
 Today was the first day of our Quilt Show at St. Andrew’s Church in Stanley Village.  DH and I went this morning, as we have the painting to start.  Youngest got off to Scout Camp and we hope he is having a great time, even if the weather is not good.
The quilt show was excellent and the ladies who put all the quilts out and numbered them all had done a wonderful job.  The Church is relatively small but the quilts filled it with a warmth and colour.  We had a great time looking at them all and also a cup of tea and biscuit from the Ladies of the Church.
I hope you like the pictures.  Happy Weekend & Quilting

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