Jubilee Weekend & Work

 The Jubilee Weekend is here and Youngest is off to Scout Camp this evening until Monday evening, Eldest is out with Girlfriend and Working so busy for him and although there is to be lots of things happening on the TV, DH and I are decorating!
I know, not very patriotic but it is too good an opportunity to pass up with four days available for painting, although the weather is forecast to be rain Sunday and Monday!  We need to tackle the kitchen, laundry and den (it is all one big room with two dividing walls) and although there does not look to be much wall coverage, it is really fiddly!  As the Boys are are not around demanding food at regular meal times, DH and I can set to and get it done.  Well that’s the plan!
Tomorrow and until Monday our quilt club are hosting a quilt show at St Andrew’s Church, Stanley Village, Derbyshire.  DH and I are going tomorrow morning to have a look at the quilts and help for a little while and then back for the start of painting.  My American Quilt is in the show and I will take lots of pictures to show for next week.
I hope you have a lovely weekend wherever you are and Happy Quilting (don’t think I will get any done this weekend – still working on Treacle’s quilt)


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