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What I Am Working On

The binding on the left I almost matched the stars up!
The binding folded over ready for pressing and to be sewn.
I don’t want to show you the whole quilt yet until it is finished but this is my American Quilt, the kit I got in Orlando in 2010.  I finished it last year and thought I would do the quilting myself, until I quilted my Linus quilt on my Janome sewing machine!  This quilt was small and I had a lot of trouble doing it, so there was no way I was going to be able to do my full size American quilt!

One of the ladies in our quilt group is a longarm quilter and she kindly said she could do it for me and she did an excellent job.  Last night I made the binding and have sewn it on to the front of the quilt and just now need to hand sew it to the back.  I also have to put a temporary hanging sleeve on as it is going in our Group’s Quilt Show over the Jubilee Weekend.  I will get lots of pictures to show everyone all the quilts.  So this weekend will be lots of hand sewing.
I also have five other projects on the go all at different stages!  Treacle’s quilt is coming along with some sewing and cutting, I am making something which will be part of my giveaway for the Blog Hop in July, I am starting the blocks for Eldest’s quilt and also going to make a bucket bag as well.  Also a very simple but pretty table runner to do in Christmas fabrics.  So lots to keep me busy. 
Have a lovely Friday, Weekend and Happy Quilting. 
Susie x

One of Those Days

Do you ever have one of those days?  When you are really busy trying to get a million things done and you hear a little voice “there’s no toilet paper downstairs”, answer “yes there is, in the basket have a look”, “No, none here”.  Two minutes later when said room is vacated I go to the basket and get a new roll out and place it on the holder!
Lunchtime, “where’s the tomato ketchup?” answer “in the fridge bottom shelf”, “no its not”, “yes it is, just open your eyes and look”, “can’t see it”.  I come down from upstairs to the fridge, open the door, reach into the bottom shelf and get the bottle out!
DH – “I can’t see my blue shirt I want to wear” answer “its in the dressing room hanging up with the other blue shirts at the back”, “No not the one I want”, “which one to do you want?”, “the Gant one”.  I go back upstairs into the dressing room and straight to the shirt, at the back with the other blue ones!!!!
I know having Boys is challenging, but sometimes I find my patient wearing a little thin!
Happy Thursday 
Susie x

The Wednesday Wag

The first pieces of my quilt sewn and cut.

The Prize for the Best in Show Winner at our Dog Show.

You just get over being poorly and Mom washes my bed!
 I have now recovered from my adventures last week, my Tablets did me good!!!!
My Mom has started my quilt and I cannot wait so I can lay on it, roll around on it and generally make it hairy and mine.  Although Mom says it will take a little while.
It has been busy round here with Eldest coming and going as he is doing exams and Youngest busy with his activities.  As I have been on bed rest I have not been out all week, so looking forward to getting out and seeing some of my pals.  
The Dog Show for the Carnival is well under way and Mom has been to buy the prize for the Winner today.  Now if I can just get at it, I can have a little treat!
Mom says have a great Wednesday whether you are quilting or not.
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Joy – Happy Smile

My parcel and a note.

The front of the parcel

My Lovely Hexagon Mat from Traci – Don’t you love it?

A lovely chocolate bar from Oregon, Beautiful fat quarter of fabirc and a rose pin badge

My Note from Traci
You will not believe the happy smile I have on my face.  I got a package in the post this morning!  You might be thinking why is she so happy?
Well it was from my swap partner in the Quilters Day Swap I took part in over on Handmade by Heidi.  Traci of Portland Oregon sent me a beautiful table mat made of hexagons in my favourite colours and a fat quarter of summery fabric.  Also included in my gift was a chocolate bar, Moonstruck from Oregon and a rose pin badge, which I will put on my sewing machine cover.  I already have a pin badge on there which is blue and in the shape of the US States and it says “United We Stitch”, which I got when we were in the US in 2010.
I will be firing off an email to Traci to thank her for the lovely gifts which has brightened a very wet and grey Tuesday here in Derbyshire.  Funnily enough Traci’s note starts with “Hello from rainy Portland Oregon” so I think the weather came with the parcel!
I love getting these sorts of parcels through the mail, so much nicer than bills.
Thank yo so much Traci for taking the time to make  and send these lovely things to me.
Have a great Tuesday and happy quilting.
Susie x

Weekend Wanderings

This weekend, like last weekend, is going to be busy with various things happening.  Eldest is working on Saturday pm for two hours and then Sunday for a couple of hours as well. Youngest is swimming in a Gala on Saturday evening and I have to pick up Eldest and take him to the Gala too.  Then Sunday Youngest is swimming in an Open event all day with one race in the morning and three in the afternoon.  DH is taking him and timekeeping all day and I have got to stay home and run Eldest around!
In between times I hope to get some quilting done, not sure how much but some.  I also have a huge pile of ironing to get through as well!
Eldest is starting his Lower Sixth exams next week and the week after so that is going to be a bit fraught as well.  Oh well!!!!
I hope you all have a great weekend wherever you are and Happy Quilting.
Susie x

Busy Days and Nights!

The Carnival Queen & Attendants having tea – July 2011
The Winning Scarecrow 2011

Jeremy the Best in Show Dog 2011

Our Park in Full Swing on Carnival Day 2011
We are gearing up for Carnival in our Village  which runs this year from Sunday July 1st to Saturday July 7th.  It is always a busy time and I think most people who live in the Village just see Carnival happen, but obviously it doesn’t and there are lots of dedicated busy people on the Committee and their helpers who get the whole thing to happen.
On July 1st is Crowning of the Carnival Queen and a Service on the park in the centre of the Village, in the evening is the Scarecrow Competition judging.  Monday evening sees the Dog Show and Junior Football competition, Tuesday evening walking Treasure Hunt in the Village and Senior Football competition, Wednesday evening Duck Race (little plastic yellow ducks launched from one point in the Brook which runs through the Village and then caught at the other), Thursday is Wild, Wet and Wacky which are very silly games for the teenagers in the Village.  Friday sees lots of people help set up the park for the Carnival Day on Saturday.
Saturday is a parade of floats through the Village for their competition and then lots of activities on the Park; craft fair in the village hall, rides for the kids, bands playing, book stall, cake stalls, coconut shy, cream teas, BBQ you name it we have it!
I am in charge of the Scarecrow competition and the Dog Show and have been busy sorting out the dates, posters etc. I also do the Queen, Attendants and Judges tea on the Saturday so the whole week is a whirl of activity and very busy.   DH is still Chairman of the whole Committee so he is out almost every week at a meeting.  We are also putting up our bunting around the Village early because of the real Queen’s Jubilee!
DH is also Chairman of our Swimming Club and we always host an Open Swimming event every year and this year they decided to hold it on Sunday July 8th, the day after our Carnival, so I think I will be in a corner somewhere asleep!!!!  I usually help with the results so I think I will have to take several large cups of coffee with me!
So last night instead of quilting I spent the evening sorting out the final details for all my bits for Carnival.  Tonight I have to sort out things for the Swimming Club which hopefully means I can carry on sewing at the weekend.  Well that’s the plan!
Happy Quilting Thursday
Susie x
PS Treacle is a lot better today, its her expensive tablets that do it!

Happy Birthday Dad!

My Mom & Dad and me after my Christening.
 Today would have been my Dad’s 88th Birthday if he had lived.  He was a great father.  I am an only child and I came along at a time when my parents had given up hope of having children, they had been married for fifteen years when I appeared.
I therefore became the apple of his eye and in fact was born the day before Father’s day in 1964 (now you all know how old I am!!!)  It was also the day before the longest day, although my Mom always said the longest day was the day I was born!
My Dad, being older when I was born, was in fact in the RAF during the Second World War and served in Burma and after the War he was an aircraft engineer and worked for many years on the Vulcan Bombers.  
I have got my love of reading from him and every Saturday afternoon we would head to the Library and stock up on books for the week.  When we went away on holiday the car was always filled with library books.  When I was little he would always watch cartoons with me, especially Tom & Jerry and he too loved Snoopy. 
He spent hours, with my Mom, taking me swimming, to dance class, tennis lessons and then as I got older to school dances and picking me up from parties.  
Sadly he passed away when I was fifteen and he didn’t get to see me finish school or college, get a job and be successful at it, marry DH and see our Boys.  He would have loved our Boys dearly.
So Happy Birthday Daddy, you will always be remembered and dearly missed.
Susie x


The Wednesday Wag

It just hurts too much!
Well it has been a busy weekend and Girlfriend came to visit for a whole weekend which was great, but on Monday I had an accident and I have hurt my foot and leg! 😦
Mommy took me to my Doctors yesterday and they think I have sprained it and I have some yummy tablets to take.  If I am not better by the end of the tablets I will have to go back to the Doctors for an x-ray!
So I have been sleeping in my basket a lot and it hurts and I am not to go for any walks or to run around with the Boys and I hate that and I cannot chase the squirrel or the cats.
Hopefully I will be better by next week.  Think of me in my despair!
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My Quilters Day Swap

The small McGuffey quilt – I had to take the pictures inside as it was raining outside!

A close up of the quilting, 

The back – unfortunately it was a little creased from travelling back.
 I can now show you my latest finish,  I couldn’t before as my Swap Partner had not gotten it and did not want to spoil the surprise.
I took part in Quilter’s Day Swap organised by Heidi at handmadebyheidi.blogspot.  The great thing was you could make anything to swap and Heidi matched us up with our swap partners.  Now although it seemed great that we could make anything, have you ever had too much choice and didn’t know what to do?  Yes well that happened to me!  Do I make a small quilt, do I make a bag, do I make something sewey!!!!!  Way too much choice.
Anyway whilst we were away in Scotland I had taken my new book which arrived just before we left, “Schnibbles Times Two” by Carrie Nelson.  I read it whilst we were travelling up and I loved all the quilts, especially that Carrie does a big quilt with layer cakes and small quilts with charm packs.   
I loved the McGuffey small quilt on Page 46 and just happened to have two summery charm squares packs and as the saying goes that was it.  I had great fun making it and will now make one for myself too.  I finished it just before we left and hand sewed the binding to the back as we travelled back down to home.  
I also included a little pottery frog from our local pottery company in the next village to ours and a little cute heart sign and a fridge magnet.  My swap partner was Patty at Shoofly Quilts  (at shooflyquilting.blogspot) and if you go to her blog you will see her kind words.  I am so glad she loved the quilt and the swap was great fun, so thank you Heidi for organising it.
Susie x

A Great Weekend.

My desk/sewing area – Look How Tidy!

Under my desk, box with quilts to sew, my sewing box I have had for twenty seven years ,  sewing things and files of patterns.

My stash in the bottom draw of the dresser.  Look How Tidy!
The weekend was busy as usual with Boys activities, work and Eldest’s Girlfriend staying for the weekend too.
Yesterday was a Bank Holiday here in the UK which usually means it rains and it did!  No surprise there.  I spent the day organising my sewing area.  As you know it is also my desk which I work at all week so it has to do double duty.
It had gotten a little untidy underneath too and I keep my stash of fabric in a huge bottom draw of my DH’s dresser in our bedroom (he doesn’t need it for clothes honest!!!!!)  I forgot to take some before pictures as it was a real mess, but I did take the after ones and here they are.  Doesn’t it look good?  It will only take me about five minutes to make it a mess again.
Its the same when I am cooking, I have a lovely neat and tidy kitchen but as soon as I get in there to make any meal, be it family or dinner party, the kitchen looks like a bomb has gone off. DH is really great though, he doesn’t cook, but he sure does clean up for me well!
I also got my block sorted for the Red, White, Blue Blog Hop starting on July 1st.  I will be doing a little tutorial for it (lets hope if goes right!!!).
I also sorted the fabric and started to plan out Treacle’s quilt.  She will no doubt tell you all her happenings over the weekend tomorrow.
Happy quilting Tuesday.
Susie x