I’m Having a Giveaway!

Hi folks, I thought I would host a giveaway for when we reach 5,000 views of my Blog.  I love reading the Stats. for my blog and seeing where people are in the World that read my blog and since joining I have had lots more views.  Also a few other quilters have put me on their blog roll which has generated more views and Find a Friend Friday from Karen at Sew Many Ways.
So when we hit 5000 views I will post what the giveaway will be.  It will be open for everyone around the World.  So look out for the info.
Have a great Thursday; I have house jobs to do and then some work and errands to run and the Boys are in different directions tonight and DH has to help put tents up for our Scout Troop and their camp this weekend, so I think I will be getting to bed about midnight and the weather has turned as well!  Oh well it is good for the garden.
Happy Quilting

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