The Wednesday Wag

My deck where I enjoy lying as it is in the sun and shade

It really is warm today.
My quilt is almost finished!  Can’t wait I love cuddling up to these quilts but Mom does get cross sometimes when I do.
I have spent everyday outside this week and over the weekend as the weather has been very hot.  My coat is growing too so soon I will be off to the Parlour for a pamper session.  
I also need to get into trim for the Dog Show which Mom runs for the Carnival.  I spend most of Carnival at home as Mom, Dad and The Boys are busy for lots of days and if the weather is too hot I get very tired, so I am at home.  But they do come home let me out and feed me which is the best thing!  I do get an extra long walk when it is all over.
The squirrel has been playing havoc with the bird feeders and managed to damage the pole so Dad has to repair that at the weekend.  My leg is still not good so walks have been cut short, but I don’t mind in this heat.
I hope you all have a lovely day and Mom says Happy Quilting.
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