Treacle’s Quilt

Treacle’s Quilt on my new bench.

Closer view.
I managed to get quite a bit done of Treacle’s Quilt yesterday evening.  Am pleased with the way it is turning out, however, I cannot say it is an original pattern.  I have shamelessly, but with her approval, copied Cooper’s Quilt over at Thelma’s Blog; Cupcakes ‘n Daisies.
I still have a couple more rows to put on and then a border.  The back is going to be similar but in the centre I am going to do some applique.  I have never done any applique before so thought this would be a good project to have a go on!  I will keep you updated.
DH, The Boys and Girlfriend have been busy, with others in the village, putting up the bunting for the Jubilee weekend, which will stay up for our Carnival and then for the Olympics.
I also managed to get to the plant nursery yesterday and got some plants to put in, in a flower bed I am overhauling.  We inherited the garden when we bought the house and it was in a state and it has taken the last ten years we have been here to try and get it looking half decent.  Unfortunately the previous owners were not gardeners and had planted things to fill in spaces whether they were suitable or not!  Pictures next week.
Happy Tuesday and Quilting.



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