A Very Royal Day!

Youngest Facing the camera, third from right, just get the flag in position.

Standing to attention as the dignitaries leave.

The Duke & Duchess of Devonshire leaving.
Youngest with our local MP, Mrs Pauline Latham, who also lives in our Village

The weather yesterday was perfect.  In fact the whole weekend was very warm so DH and I tackled the garden.  We hadn’t managed to get into the garden this year yet due to other activities, although we only had to do a little weeding but mainly tidying.  A few of the bushes over the winter have gone mad so there was a lot of pruning to do.  Next week on Jubilee Day, June 4th, our Village is hosting one of the Beacon Bonfires and our good friends are actually having it at their farm, which was great for all the stuff left after pruning to add to the bonfire!  When we have finished I will take you on a tour.
We also had an important date yesterday afternoon as Youngest had been asked to represent his Scout Troop and our District at the Diamond Jubilee Service at Derby Cathedral at 3.00pm.  We got there at 2.00pm and he was on duty with the flag as the dignitaries arrived, including The Duke & Duchess of Devonshire, The Lord Lieutenant, High Sheriff and of course The Bishop of Derby.   He then marched down the aisle and placed the flag by the Altar with the other flags in attendance.  At the end of the Service he retrieved the flag and made a Guard of Honour as the dignitaries left.
DH, I, Eldest and Girlfriend attended and Youngest did very well and we are so proud of him.  It was lovely to take part in something for the Jubilee and for Youngest to have such a part of it.  Of course this meant I did not get any quilting done at all, so tonight I will set to and get some done.
I hope your weekend was lovely.  Happy Quilting.



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