Hot Weather

It is another glorious day here in Derbyshire and the temperature has risen to 80° and it is lovely.  Today has been a busy “house” day with the cleaning being done.  It takes me three hours to clean it from top to bottom and I decided to start at 8.00am this morning to try and get it done before it got too warm.  I am glad I did, as it is really warm now!
The washing is all done and hanging on the line.  I love ironing it after it has been drying outside, not always possible with our unpredictable weather.
Treacle has been outside all day, lying in the sun and panting!  Silly Dawg!!!!  Karen at Sew Many Ways was asking about favourite cartoons and I loved Deputy Dawg, but my favourite was The Jetsons.  I have always been mad on Space things, I think it stems from watching the moon landings at 6.00am on July 20th 1969.  Not only were they landing on the moon but the television was on, in the morning, completely unheard of in 1969 (of course now it is on 24/7!).  Our television was black and white and the images not very good, but it was so exciting.
Since then I have loved almost every space programme from Star Trek (the original which I used to watch with my Dad) to Stargate and everything in between.  I also enjoy stargazing too, when I get the chance.  When we visited Orlando the NASA visit was essential and we did the lunch with an astronaut too and it was amazing.  I loved every minute of it.
Anyway on that spacey note I will get working, I have to do the swimming run tonight and when I get back may do the ironing as it will have hopefully cooled off a bit.
 Happy Thursday


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