The front of the quilt.  I am really pleased how it turned out.
A sideways view and Treacle got in on the action.
A closer look at the blocks and the spinning stars.
The Back
A closeup of the quilting.
I didn’t get any other quilting done over the weekend except for sewing the binding on my quilt.  I did get to watch some films whilst doing it so it was a great weekend for that too.  The weather was not good with it being cold and dull grey so I was not inclined to get out in the garden.  The weather this week is due to improve but who knows, certainly not the weathermen!  This meant the pictures I took of my quilt had to be done inside so they are okay but would have been better outside.
The Boys were swimming on Saturday and yesterday was a catch up day before the week starts again.  We are still in exam phase so still stress levels are high but they end on Friday.
It is Quilt Club this evening when I am handing my quilt in for the show at the beginning of June.
Happy Monday

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