One of Those Days

Do you ever have one of those days?  When you are really busy trying to get a million things done and you hear a little voice “there’s no toilet paper downstairs”, answer “yes there is, in the basket have a look”, “No, none here”.  Two minutes later when said room is vacated I go to the basket and get a new roll out and place it on the holder!
Lunchtime, “where’s the tomato ketchup?” answer “in the fridge bottom shelf”, “no its not”, “yes it is, just open your eyes and look”, “can’t see it”.  I come down from upstairs to the fridge, open the door, reach into the bottom shelf and get the bottle out!
DH – “I can’t see my blue shirt I want to wear” answer “its in the dressing room hanging up with the other blue shirts at the back”, “No not the one I want”, “which one to do you want?”, “the Gant one”.  I go back upstairs into the dressing room and straight to the shirt, at the back with the other blue ones!!!!
I know having Boys is challenging, but sometimes I find my patient wearing a little thin!
Happy Thursday 
Susie x

4 thoughts on “One of Those Days

  1. More Than A Mom

    I have a husband, daughter and son and we have the same conversations too. I find it especially amazing that I can recall exactly what pair of socks is under the other and in which side of what drawer it can be found in. We are phenomenal and anyone who is not a mother is surely jealous of our skills! LOL

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  2. Winona

    I have a husband and raised 2 boys and 3 girls. It is not just men/boys who can never find things. Girls are like that too. I think everyone just expects mama to know where everything is. LOL What would they do without us?

  3. Ginny

    Ha ha. I have 3 boys, but they are the ones who can find things and get frustrated with ME because I'm not too organized. That's a bad feeling too!

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