The Wednesday Wag

The first pieces of my quilt sewn and cut.

The Prize for the Best in Show Winner at our Dog Show.

You just get over being poorly and Mom washes my bed!
 I have now recovered from my adventures last week, my Tablets did me good!!!!
My Mom has started my quilt and I cannot wait so I can lay on it, roll around on it and generally make it hairy and mine.  Although Mom says it will take a little while.
It has been busy round here with Eldest coming and going as he is doing exams and Youngest busy with his activities.  As I have been on bed rest I have not been out all week, so looking forward to getting out and seeing some of my pals.  
The Dog Show for the Carnival is well under way and Mom has been to buy the prize for the Winner today.  Now if I can just get at it, I can have a little treat!
Mom says have a great Wednesday whether you are quilting or not.
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