Weekend Wanderings

This weekend, like last weekend, is going to be busy with various things happening.  Eldest is working on Saturday pm for two hours and then Sunday for a couple of hours as well. Youngest is swimming in a Gala on Saturday evening and I have to pick up Eldest and take him to the Gala too.  Then Sunday Youngest is swimming in an Open event all day with one race in the morning and three in the afternoon.  DH is taking him and timekeeping all day and I have got to stay home and run Eldest around!
In between times I hope to get some quilting done, not sure how much but some.  I also have a huge pile of ironing to get through as well!
Eldest is starting his Lower Sixth exams next week and the week after so that is going to be a bit fraught as well.  Oh well!!!!
I hope you all have a great weekend wherever you are and Happy Quilting.
Susie x

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  1. Susie Q

    Hi Ginny yes we do celebrate Mother's day but in March! which is a daft month to have it really as it is usually cold and wet here then. May is such a better month weather wise. Father's day is on the same day here as in the States in June which is good. Hope you have a lovely Mother's Day over there. Susie x

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