Happy Birthday Dad!

My Mom & Dad and me after my Christening.
 Today would have been my Dad’s 88th Birthday if he had lived.  He was a great father.  I am an only child and I came along at a time when my parents had given up hope of having children, they had been married for fifteen years when I appeared.
I therefore became the apple of his eye and in fact was born the day before Father’s day in 1964 (now you all know how old I am!!!)  It was also the day before the longest day, although my Mom always said the longest day was the day I was born!
My Dad, being older when I was born, was in fact in the RAF during the Second World War and served in Burma and after the War he was an aircraft engineer and worked for many years on the Vulcan Bombers.  
I have got my love of reading from him and every Saturday afternoon we would head to the Library and stock up on books for the week.  When we went away on holiday the car was always filled with library books.  When I was little he would always watch cartoons with me, especially Tom & Jerry and he too loved Snoopy. 
He spent hours, with my Mom, taking me swimming, to dance class, tennis lessons and then as I got older to school dances and picking me up from parties.  
Sadly he passed away when I was fifteen and he didn’t get to see me finish school or college, get a job and be successful at it, marry DH and see our Boys.  He would have loved our Boys dearly.
So Happy Birthday Daddy, you will always be remembered and dearly missed.
Susie x


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