A Great Weekend.

My desk/sewing area – Look How Tidy!

Under my desk, box with quilts to sew, my sewing box I have had for twenty seven years ,  sewing things and files of patterns.

My stash in the bottom draw of the dresser.  Look How Tidy!
The weekend was busy as usual with Boys activities, work and Eldest’s Girlfriend staying for the weekend too.
Yesterday was a Bank Holiday here in the UK which usually means it rains and it did!  No surprise there.  I spent the day organising my sewing area.  As you know it is also my desk which I work at all week so it has to do double duty.
It had gotten a little untidy underneath too and I keep my stash of fabric in a huge bottom draw of my DH’s dresser in our bedroom (he doesn’t need it for clothes honest!!!!!)  I forgot to take some before pictures as it was a real mess, but I did take the after ones and here they are.  Doesn’t it look good?  It will only take me about five minutes to make it a mess again.
Its the same when I am cooking, I have a lovely neat and tidy kitchen but as soon as I get in there to make any meal, be it family or dinner party, the kitchen looks like a bomb has gone off. DH is really great though, he doesn’t cook, but he sure does clean up for me well!
I also got my block sorted for the Red, White, Blue Blog Hop starting on July 1st.  I will be doing a little tutorial for it (lets hope if goes right!!!).
I also sorted the fabric and started to plan out Treacle’s quilt.  She will no doubt tell you all her happenings over the weekend tomorrow.
Happy quilting Tuesday.
Susie x

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