Cut It Out!

The box of Blocks.

A ziplock bag containing one block ready to sew.

The block when it is done – minus the mistake!
 At the weekend I managed to get Eldest’s quilt cut out.  Now if you read lots of books about quilting and blogs there are two schools of thought about this.  One – cut the blocks one at a time and sew as you go.  Two – cut all the material for all the blocks out and then sew them. 
I decided that I would get all the cutting out of the way to start with and put all the material for one block in ziplock bags.  So I know that one bag equals one block and I will sew them like that.  I also thought it would make it easier.
Attached is a picture of all the bags ready and waiting and one of just one bag.  Also there is a picture of the block.  Spot the deliberate mistake!  On the lower half I have managed to sew the pale blue stripe the wrong way round!  Sew I will have to redo those, but I just wanted to see if the colours worked together and they do, I think.  
This, when done, will make a twin/single bed quilt and hopefully I will get it quilted with a wave like design, to represent swimming, as Eldest is now Captain of our swimming club!
He likes the design and the colours so we are on to a winner hopefully.
Happy Quilting Thursday
Susie x

3 thoughts on “Cut It Out!

  1. Ginny

    The block looks really good—I bet it's going to be a beautiful quilt.
    I usually cut as I go (and sometimes I run out of fabric!) because I find it more fun. I also usually do scrappy quilts, and love dipping into my stash at all stages of the process to add one more fabric. My quilts tend to look a little crazy sometimes, but it's fun that way.

  2. Susie Q

    Hi Ginny, yes I like scrappy quilts, Eldest picked all the fabric for this as it is his quilt. I hope the blocks turn out well, although by the time I had sewn that first block my eyes were glazing over which is why I put the blue stripe on the wrong way round! doh!!! Susie

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