The Wednesday Wag!

Here I am writing this post for you.
 Hi Folks, Treacle here, Mom is busy with work today and I thought I would get in on this whole blogging lark!  I sit behind her desk and watch her tip tapping on her keyboard all day, well until my eyelids start to close you know, after five minutes.
I know she talks about us all on this blog and she is always taking my picture, so I thought you should hear from me.  I am three years old and originally from Aberdeen in Scotland, although I am now losing my Scottish accent having been in England for three years.  My two Boys, Eldest and Youngest, are great fun and play with me loads.  Especially when they come home after school.  Eldest now has a girlfriend and she plays with me and hugs me and loves me too.  Life is just grand.
I have breakfast in the morning, a lunchtime biscuit and dinner in the evening and plenty of fresh water, although the water in the bird bath tastes so much better.
My Mom says she is going to make me one of those quilt things for my special place, like Buster has over on Cupcakes ‘n Daisies blog, but first she has to do Eldest’s quilt, for when he goes off to University (whatever that is).
This morning I was out in our garden before breakfast and the pesky squirrel was on the fence and would not move!  I barked and barked and he just sat there looking at me.  One of these days I am going to get him, yes I will.  
Anyways Mom has just about finished her first bit of work so I had better get back to my basket so she doesn’t know I know how to use the computer.
Woof, woof
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