Spectacular Sunset

View over the countryside above our village.

The colours were changing almost every minute.
After having the first day of sun in over a month, the evening sunset was great.  I went to pick Youngest up from his Scout meeting and two other friends and when I parked in the car park, which is quite high above the countryside, the view was amazing.
Unfortunately I didn’t have my camera with me (note to self – always take your camera everywhere!) and so I took these two pictures with my phone, which is okay but didn’t really catch the colours very well. 
Today it is raining, again.  There is quite a bit of flooding in various areas of the country which always seem to suffer, but they are still saying this will not clear the drought in those places most affected.  At the moment they are forecasting that May is going to be cold!  I still have my heating on as it has been very damp and chilly.
I hope the weather where you are in the World is better than here.
Susie x

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