The Sun is Out!!!!

The bee’s head just emerging from the tube.

The bee has pulled himself out.

He has turned round and within a minute had flown off.
Well the sun has finally come out, but it won’t be with us for long.  It has been the wettest April since records began and we are due for more rain tomorrow, so the sun is very welcome today.
I posted a picture on another post of my bees and because of the sun today quite a few have been appearing.  I managed to get a couple of pictures of two of them emerging from their tubes.  These bees are really cute, they don’t sting and are great for the garden and we are being encouraged to give homes for them to increase their numbers across the country.
I would really love to have some honey bees (my grandpa had them and I used to help him with them) but as we have Treacle who does not get on well with bees and the boys I don’t think it would be right.  I would also like to have some chickens but again Treacle and chickens!  I don’t think so.
Susie x

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