Better Day :)

My new sewing box.

It opens out and then are places to put things in the top and then the bottom.

The glow are little led lights to make the inside brighter.  I love, love, love it.
Today has been a better day.  Girlfriend passed her driving test, yeah!  I got most of my jobs done, just need to finish them off tomorrow morning and a few pieces of work and I have caught up which makes me feel better.
Eldest brought home his project for his A’Level Product Design exam and it is a sewing box for me!  It is lovely and he made it for me! I have already filled it with sewing things and it is sitting next to my machine.  He then took pictures of it for his design folder and then said it has to go back to school tomorrow for marking!  Oh well I will get it back eventually 🙂  We are so proud of him.
The weather has still not been good, my garden has gone from looking quite dry to sopping wet.  All the plants look as if they have had enough water for the rest of the year, although they are saying that we are still in drought and will still have a hose pipe ban this summer.  I cannot decide whether it’s worth changing the plants in my pots and putting in any seeds for our little vegetable area, if we can’t water.  I will see how it goes.
Tomorrow evening I am going to be cutting out Eldest’s quilt and try and get some blocks done as well.   
Happy Thursday
Susie x

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