Thursday – A Productive Non-Productive Day!

Treacle clipped and shampooed and looking great, holding on to her toy!

Today was one of those days when I got lots done but still had lots to do.  

After getting The Boys off to school, I then took Treacle to the groomers for an overdue haircut and bath.  She had been in Kennels whilst we were away so it was great for her to be clipped and washed this week.  I dropped her off at 9.30am and then went on to my friends house, Avis, who is going to quilt the one I finished last year.
I thought I would have a go at doing it myself on my small sewing machine but having done my Linus quilt I did not think I could get this small bed quilt through the machine well.  Avis said she would be able to do it and we talked about the pattern and cotton to use.  I can’t wait to see it. Of course we got talking about quilting and Avis showed me some of her other quilts and before I knew it two and three quarter hours had gone by and I was late to pick up Treacle.
Fortunately she was not tied up outside on her own and we got back for her lunch!  I then called round to drop a card off at Eldest’s friends house as it is his 17th Birthday tomorrow.  My friend should have been at work but wasn’t, which was a nice surprise so had a cup of tea with her and then by the time we had caught up it was 3.45pm and the Boys would be home in half an hour!
I hadn’t been to the shops for food, or to get a new pair of Scout trousers for Youngest, or to the Bank or to get a postal box or to the dry cleaners!  So I had a great day but not completed all my errands.
Tomorrow The Boys are off from school as it is a teacher training day but Eldest is going in to do some work on his assignment for one of his subjects and Youngest has to go to the dentist, I also have to do the jobs that I should have done today and the cleaning and washing and ironing.  How many hours are there in a day?
I have almost caught up on work from the last two weeks we were away so that is one good thing.  
Hope you have a good Friday, think of me whilst I am running around!!!
Susie x

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