Homeward Bound

Tomorrow we are heading home, all 420 miles of it.  We will then get Eldest home on Sunday and Treacle but as I said yesterday work starts with a vengeance and DH and The Boys are heading off to The National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham (about an hour a way from our home) to help set up the exhibition on Sunday, which he is going to be at all week!
Of course with all The Boys out of the house I can carry on quilting, in between doing the washing, and getting ready for School beginning on Monday morning!  I also have to go to the hospital on Monday afternoon for a dreaded check up and a “poke around” to make sure everything is okay since last September.  Quilt Club is Monday evening but I don’t know whether I will have the energy to drive the hour to and then the hour back from the club.  I think I will see how I feel on the night.
I hope everyone has a great weekend whether you are quilting or not and think of us on our travels.
Susie x
PS There is a Quilt Shop we pass on the way home and you just know I will have to stop and look and even buy!!!!!

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