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Mother’s Day

This was my gift from Eldest – I think it is a hint he would like me to cook something for him!

My gift from Youngest.  He said to me he doesn’t know how I do it all as well!

This is my new bench outside the kitchen door; some money from my birthday the rest from DH for Mother’s Day
 Last Sunday here in the UK it was Mother’s Day and my Boys bought me a couple of lovely presents.   We decided not to go out for lunch, as you can imagine everywhere is very busy and you always feel as if you are being rushed, so we will go out another day.  My Eldest washed and waxed my car for me and it looks great. 
So from one very grateful Mom, I love you both very much.
Susie x

Sad Face :(


I don’t know what I am going to do; my sewing machine is poorly!  

It has been rushed to the sewing machine hospital and may take a week to come back, eek!!!!

I am going to have quilting withdrawal symptoms!  I was busy quilting my table topper and it started to make a grinding noise and when I took it in, the repair guy doesn’t know what it can be!!!!!  He is going to service it anyway and hope he finds something whilst he is doing that.  I just hope it comes back all repaired soon.  

This always happens just as I was getting on well.  The next quilt I need to do is our quilt which has been sandwiched since last August and I just haven’t got around to doing it.  Then I need to start on Eldest’s quilt so that by the time he goes to University in September 2013 he can take it with him!  I was going to get it cut out this weekend but I think I will have to put that on hold.

For all you other Quilters out there have a great quilting weekend, think about lonely old me not quilting when you are!

Susie x


Having said my quilting was going slowly, it suddenly came together!  I must have been tired when I was cutting and sewing the other blocks.  One I had to re-do as I put the wrong piece together with the other!
Anyway here is the finished front, I just now have to get it quilted.  I like the way the colours look, I think I got them right!  This is a Kathleen Tracy pattern which I used from her website.
Happy Quilting weekend.
Susie x
A side view of this mat
Long view of this mat          


Despite the weekend being warm and very spring like, today is grey and very cold again! 
However these have made it spring like in the house.  I love daffodils, their colour and smell and these have turned out to be the double headed type.  I think they look great in the middle of our dining table.
The vase is the shape of a small goldfish bowl which I bought last year with some money I had from my Birthday.  I had broken a vase in July and when we took the Boys to London this style of vase was on a table at one of the restaurants we ate at.
Quilting is going slowly at the moment 😦
Susie x

New Project

Here are two blocks of my new project.  It is going together quite well.
The blocks look a little wonky but it is way the pictures are taken!!

I need to make two more and then make them up into a table topper.
I am trying to get some quilting done this week in the evenings as at the weekend I have to do the Spring Cleaning with help from The Boys!  We only have next weekend and the weekend after to get it done, so it will be all hands to the decks.
The only thing now is that they are talking about a water ban in our area as we have not had a lot of rain over the winter and last year, so the water tables are down.  Not only is it a ban on hosepipes but also washing your cars, windows, filling the pond or anything else which takes water which is deemed unnecessary.  This may hinder getting some of my jobs done but will try hard and get it done with the minimum amount of water.
Happy Quilting Wednesday.
Susie x


The colours are not right because the sun was so bright!

This shows the colours better but not the quilt!

DH holding it up so it can be seen a little better.
I have finally finished my Linus quilt.  I can’t believe it has taken me so long, but I am really pleased how it has turned out.  

Our Quilt Club meets on March 19th where I will take it for show and tell and then I will get it sent off the next day.
Our Youngest likes it so I think I am going to have make him one now!
The photographs have not turned out too well as I took them outside.  It has been like summer here today with the sun being really warm.  You can’t quite see but the quilt is resting on my new bench which sits outside our kitchen door.  Our old one which we bought on sale about seven years ago, finally collapsed and I was given some money for my Birthday last year so have bought the bench with it.  It is great.  One warm days like this I like to take my morning mug of tea outside and sit on the bench listening to the birds.  It really was a great day today.
I have now started on my next quilt project a table topper and I will get some pictures on that when it is a little further forward.  It is a Kathleen Tracy pattern.
Hope you had a good quilting Sunday.
Susie x