Oh To Live Like This!

This is a picture I took when we were in Orlando in 2010, at the living museum Fort Christmas, this is where they had rescued homesteads and moved them to a wonderful site near Christmas, Orlando.  
The homesteads were from very small and primitive to large and spacious homes.  This picture was from a home half way round and you could quite happily live there today!
Sometimes I wonder if we all went back to a simpler life things would be easier.  Without technology, cell phones, computers!  I know we are able to connect to people all round the World in an instant, which is great, but I do sometimes long for not being so contactable.  
This picture is my background on my computer at the moment.  I can just imagine all the ladies from neighbouring houses coming in an afternoon to help hand quilt the quilt sitting on the frame, especially in their bonnets and long dresses!  Oh well
Happy Quilting Friday and have a lovely weekend.
Susie x

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