When Things Just Don’t Go Right!

The front done with the binding on, which now has to come off!

The back. You can’t see the quilting very well as I have used the same thread as to sew it. 
I had one of those evenings yesterday.  Now my machine is back I wanted to get my table topper finished and I managed to get all the quilting done (its not big).  It was getting on for 9.30pm and I thought I will just do the binding so that today I can sew it on the back and finish it.
I should have had another thought and stopped there!  I have sewn the binding onto the front and it has gone wrong!  This is because I was tired and should have realised and stopped but didn’t.  So now I have to take the binding off and re-do it!
It is so frustrating when this happens.  I won’t have time to do that today so it will have to be a weekend job.  Tonight Youngest has Scouts which is usually on a Monday but they are having the meeting tonight as they are doing archery!!!  I also have a load of ironing to do and the weekend will be spent finishing the Spring cleaning!

Anyway for everyone else out there quilting have a great weekend and for all those taking part in Friday Night Sew-Ins have a lovely evening.

Susie x


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