New Project

Here are two blocks of my new project.  It is going together quite well.
The blocks look a little wonky but it is way the pictures are taken!!

I need to make two more and then make them up into a table topper.
I am trying to get some quilting done this week in the evenings as at the weekend I have to do the Spring Cleaning with help from The Boys!  We only have next weekend and the weekend after to get it done, so it will be all hands to the decks.
The only thing now is that they are talking about a water ban in our area as we have not had a lot of rain over the winter and last year, so the water tables are down.  Not only is it a ban on hosepipes but also washing your cars, windows, filling the pond or anything else which takes water which is deemed unnecessary.  This may hinder getting some of my jobs done but will try hard and get it done with the minimum amount of water.
Happy Quilting Wednesday.
Susie x

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