The colours are not right because the sun was so bright!

This shows the colours better but not the quilt!

DH holding it up so it can be seen a little better.
I have finally finished my Linus quilt.  I can’t believe it has taken me so long, but I am really pleased how it has turned out.  

Our Quilt Club meets on March 19th where I will take it for show and tell and then I will get it sent off the next day.
Our Youngest likes it so I think I am going to have make him one now!
The photographs have not turned out too well as I took them outside.  It has been like summer here today with the sun being really warm.  You can’t quite see but the quilt is resting on my new bench which sits outside our kitchen door.  Our old one which we bought on sale about seven years ago, finally collapsed and I was given some money for my Birthday last year so have bought the bench with it.  It is great.  One warm days like this I like to take my morning mug of tea outside and sit on the bench listening to the birds.  It really was a great day today.
I have now started on my next quilt project a table topper and I will get some pictures on that when it is a little further forward.  It is a Kathleen Tracy pattern.
Hope you had a good quilting Sunday.
Susie x

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