Eldest’s Silver Medal for 100m Backstroke
We are so proud of our Boys; Eldest came second in 100m Backstroke with a PB (personal best) and a silver medal and in 50m Back he came fourth with a new PB.
Sunday Morning saw Youngest swimming in the 50m Free and although he came 33rd he knocked two seconds off his time from November so he got a PB too. 
Eldest on Sunday swam in the 100m Free and came 5th with a new PB and finally in the 50m Free where not only did he get a new PB when he came in 5th but he also got a Midland time.  So he was really pleased with the result.
Next weekend sees Eldest competing in the 50m Fly and 200m IM, where he is hoping to get Pb’s if nothing else. 
Susie x

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