Swim Meets

Eldest doing Fly
This weekend and next weekend and the weekend after are the ones I dread each year as both Boys swim in the Derbyshire County Championships.  It means that Saturday and Sunday of all the weekends they are swimming on both days morning, afternoon and evening sessions.  Of course they don’t swim every race so it means that there is a lot of waiting around and the most difficult thing is knowing when to feed them!  Not too soon before a race and making sure they are not hungry too!!!
They both have a great time its just DH and I who seem to be run ragged!  
I have got some more of my quilt finished – I am just now hand sewing the binding to the back of the quilt.  
The weather here is heavy rain today.  It started this morning at 4.30am and has not stopped since, I know we need the rain but last week was so great to have some sunshine and milder temperatures, oh well.
Have loads of jobs to do in the house too today as Friday got hijacked.  I had to take Treacle to the vet as she had hurt her leg running in the garden, so she has some tablets.  Then we had a visitor who arrived just after a call to my cell phone for lunch which was a lovely surprise but my planned day went out the window.  Never mind.  By the end of today I should have got back on track.
Don’t get me started on the spring cleaning I need to do but that will have to wait until the end of the month, but hopefully the weather will be a better then.
Happy rainy Sunday
Susie x

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