What I Did On My "Extra" Day

The edge of the quilt with its binding in place

Two of the bones quilted on the inside of the quilt
The extra day being February 29th this year.  I worked my little socks off on Monday and Tuesday to ensure that I could do what I wanted on Wednesday.  I got the Boys off to school and cleared up the breakfast pots and went off for a long bubble bath while I finished the book I was reading.
Then I watched a movie I had missed at the cinema, which was good, and after lunch I sat down to try and finish my Linus quilt.  I got the rest of the bones quilted.  I thought it was a great idea to quilt bones on it, because of the dog fabric, until I actually started doing them!  They were not easy and in places have not quite got a bone shape but I don’t think it matters.  I then made the binding and attached it to the quilt.  I am now in the process of sewing it to the back by hand, which is taking quite a while.  It just needs a wash then and I will be able to send it off.
I finished at 10.00pm last night really tired but I had the best day ever.  Pity there aren’t more “extra” days in the year!
Happy Quilting
Susie x
PS If, like me, you have a watch with a date on it don’t forget to move it forward to March 1st.  I have happily been putting 30th down all day today on things!!!!!!! Doh

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