Craft Day at School

I have already been crafty this week helping Youngest with his English project.  They have been reading and studying Wind In The Willows by Kenneth Grahame.  If you have never read this book, do so.  It is one of those books you read as a child but you can also read as an adult.  When I was little it was one of my favourite books.
Anyway they have been doing this for a while and just after Christmas went to see the Stage Production of it at Manchester’s Art Centre.  This was the night that they all got stuck on the motorway on the way home (because of a serious accident which happened not far in front of them) and did not get back to school until 1.45am, having left School at 11.00am the previous day!
The childrens’ task was to make a 3D model of an aspect of the play/book and today was hand in day.  Youngest had sketched out a plan and did most of the decoration himself with DH helping with the spraying of the shoe box and I making the rowing boat and affixing the models of Ratty and Mole.
All in all for a combined effort of the three of us I think it looks great.  Of course I had to take them both to school this morning in the car (braving the snow and icy road) so that the model got there in one piece.  I did not trust it to get there on the school bus!
Happy crafty Friday.  Quilting to be done at the weekend!!!
Susie x

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