Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow!

Started Snowing at 3.00pm

Treacle and Youngest out in the snow at 6.00pm

All of Treacle and Youngest’s  footprints now covered with yet more snow at 9.00pm
Well for once the weather forecasters were correct and the snow started at 3.00pm and has not finished yet.  Our Youngest is delighted and so is Treacle, our dog.  They both love the snow so much.
I have managed to get all my jobs done in the house today, yeah!!! Tomorrow will be to finish off the jobs I hate doing, so I can get to the jobs I love doing – quilting, baking, soaking in the tub with a hot chocolate drink and my book!  I know not jobs really but can’t wait.
Swim meet off tomorrow morning due to the snow as it is supposed to stop around Midnight but then freeze, and as we live on a hill I don’t think we will be going anywhere, any time soon.
Happy Snow Day
Susie x

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