Weekend Plans

This weekend is a sort out weekend ie get the house sorted and all those jobs which get put to one side to do and never get done!
This weekend is the first weekend since Christmas when we are in and not doing anything else so it is a good opportunity, also the forecast is for snow here tomorrow so all the better.  I still have lots of quilting to do and some baking as well so I will try and get it all done before Monday.
I have also started a personal journey and hope that this will go well.  If it does I will post more in a few months but keep your fingers crossed for me.
Here are some pictures of the Linus quilt I am doing.  It is ready for quilting having been sandwiched and pinned.  Going to try and finish this this weekend too.
Happy Friday and Quilting!
Susie x
Quilt pinned and ready for quilting.


The colourful doggy patch which will have bonio shape on for quilting.

2 thoughts on “Weekend Plans

  1. Ginny

    I love your dog fabric—some lucky kid will be so happy to get that quilt! BTW you have a really handsome family.

  2. Susie Q

    Thank you Ginny they are a pretty fantastic bunch. Yes I love the dog fabric too and our Youngest now wants a quilt make of it as well as the one I am making him already! Happy snowy Saturday here in Derbyshire. Susie x

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