Eldest and Fourth Drive

Outside the specially designed car – He is happy honest just very cold! 

Driving round to get the feel of the car.

Waiting to go.
Our Eldest, since the age of 13, has been visiting the Race Track at Rockingham, Corby, Northamptonshire for drive experiences.  The aim is to get teenagers in a car and teach them some of the basics of driving and to impart wisdom, like it is not the same as the racing games on the computer!
He has really enjoyed all of the drives and on Saturday last attended the Fourth Drive where he got to drive the BMW and do a  little drifting and learn how to correct skids and under steer and over steer problems.  He had a great time and now he will be ready for when he starts to drive on the real roads in August this year.
Youngest cannot wait until next year when he starts on his First Drive.
Susie x

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