Eerie Lighting

Our local Highways Agency has decided to experiment in our village with some new lighting.  In fact on the road we live on and the road below us on the hill.  Unfortunately I cannot get a picture of the lighting as it just won’t photograph properly.
They are new light posts with daylight like bulbs, or a white light, in but they only illuminate the area directly underneath them, leaving the rest of the road in a semi-darkness.  So far no one seems to have a good thing to say about them!  I know they are probably energy saving and I know that is something we all have to do now but I don’t think these are the solution.
One set of friends did say that it will be good on Halloween for trick or treating!!
I have had that sort of week, where everything I have touched has managed to go wrong or be awkward.  I think I will go hide under the duvet with my book!
Susie x


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