I am quilting, honest!  I just need more time in the day!! I know the age old cry of every woman in the World!
I have made the top which is going to be my Linus Quilt for this year and it has a theme of dogs.  I am backing it with a cream fleece material and for the quilting I am going to do a little bit of in the ditch to make sure it is tight but then overall I am going to draw round one of Treacle’s Bonio biscuits and then quilt those shapes and the main colours are red so I will quilt the bones in red.
This is the theory, I will show you how it turns out.
My next job is to try and quilt my American quilt which I have completed the top for and got the sandwich done but I don’t know if I am going to be able to quilt it on just my sewing machine.  I will have a go but if not I will have to get it done professionally.
The next quilt job will be Eldest’s quilt for his bed which I want to get made and done this year so he will be able to take it away with him when he goes to Uni.  Then I will get Youngest’s done so he does not feel left out (although he does have a while before he goes to Uni!).
That’s the plan anyway.  I will let you know how it goes!!!!
Susie x


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